Happy New Year from all of us at Hound and Purr Pet Grooming Spa!

From all of us at Hound & Purr Pet Spa and Lounge we wish you and your beloved pets a happy and healthy 2019!
It’s a new year and we have all made those resolutions to become healthier versions of ourselves, right? Well, don’t leave Rover out! January is National Walk Your Pet Month. This is the perfect opportunity to make an effort to get yourself and your pup more exercise. While getting outside and moving is great for both you and our dog, there are some things you should be cautious of when walking your dog during these long winter months in Etobicoke.

What to be cautious of when walking your dog in the winter:

Ice: You are well aware of the dangers of ice. We have all taken slips and spills due to icy sidewalks and roads in Etobicoke. Well, our pets are no different. They are just as likely to a take spill and injure themselves. Always check the weather before planning an outdoor adventure with your pup to make sure the conditions are safe for both of you.

Salt: Where there is ice there is likely to be salt. While salt may help with the icy conditions it can cause damage to your dogs’ paws. If you notice your dog limping the chances are their paws are being hurt by the salt. The solution? Invest in a great pair of winter walking boots. Stop in to have your pup try a few different styles and sizes on. Also, applying an organic paw butter to their paws will help in protecting against damaging salt. All available at Hound & Purr Pet Spa and Lounge.

Frigid Temperatures: Depending on the breed of your dog, frigid temperatures are just as dangerous for our pups as they are for us. Prolonged exposure to frigid temperatures can lead to frostbite and even hypothermia. As a general rule, if it’s too cold for you to be outside, it is too cold for your pup. We have a great assortment of outerwear for your pup at Hound & Purr Pet Spa and Lounge to help protect them from the elements and keep warm.

Plan Ahead: In general, you should keep an eye on the weather and plan to seize those gorgeous days. In Etobicoke, we really need to take advantage of any day where the temperatures get above freezing. Also, be aware of the days where we may experience extreme cold temperatures. Those are they days to avoid taking our dogs on a walk.
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